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Release Date: November 2018
  • Tej’s 30 Day Copywriting Challenge
  • ​How To Turn Clients Into Conspirators w/ One Card 
  • ​My Daily Meditation Practice (20 Minutes A Day)
Release Date: December 2018
  • The Millionaire Mentality (30-Day Affirmation Program)
  • ​How To Separate Yourself From The Herd
  • ​How I Apply Psychology To Close BIG Deals
  • ​My Entire Approach To Business 
  • ​How To Lose Your Fear Of Death 
  • ​2018 Audit 
Release Date: January 2019
  • What To Do On January 1st 
  • ​How Can Cults “Persuade” Their Followers To Commit Suicide - When The Average Person Can’t Even Persuade A Business Owner To Pay $2500 A Month For Something That’d Make Him MORE Money
  • ​What I’m Experimenting With In 2019
  • ​Reminders On My iPhone
  • ​If Your Life Is Boring, Then Read This Book… 
Release Date: February 2019
  • The 3-Step Law of Attraction System I Stole From An Entrepreneur Who Built And Sold 3 Companies For Over $100M Each
  • ​(Step-By-Step) How To Market Anything
  • ​My Daily Journal Template 
Release Date: March 2019
  • How To Reverse Engineer Your Goals (The Secret Way To Automate Your Daily Schedule And CRUSH Business & Life)
  • ​[Step-By-Step] How To Change Your Identity 
  • ​Why You Suck At Sales (And How To Sell Anything) 
Release Date: April 2019
  • Advanced Marketing Strategy (How To Think) - This Strategy Is Allowing Us To Kill It On COLD Traffic 
  • ​The Daily Hard - How To Conquer Your Life In 6 Months (Bulletproof Plan For Conquering Life And Getting More Out Of Your Days)
  • ​How To Build The #1 Skill In Life (It’s Not Sales… Facebook Ads… Discipline Or Anything Like That, But It’s The Foundation To Everything) 
  • ​Free Tools & Resources: Spreadsheets, Apps & Plugins I Use In My Daily Life 
Release Date: May 2019
  • How To Build A 6-Figure Online Business From Scratch (3 Different Business Models & Skills Required Explained)
  • ​How To Brainwash Yourself For Success (Weird Things I Do Daily To Make Massive Success Inevitable) 
  • ​7 Secrets I Learned Rubbing Shoulders With The Wealthy (You’ll Never Learn This From Twitter)
  • ​Systems & Processes For Staying On Course And Crushing Life
  • ​Changes I’m Personally Making For Long Term Growth
Release Date: June 2019
  • The 7-Day Detox: How To Free Yourself From The Invisible Jail You’ve Housed Yourself In & Rebirth Your Inner Child
  • ​How To Have God-Like Levels Of Productivity (Get DOUBLE The Work Done In Half The Time...And Say Goodbye To Brain Fog, Getting Burnt Out & Distractions)
  • ​How To Influence & Persuade People: Techniques & Strategies I’ve Used To Lower Guards And Create Win/Win Deals 
  • ​Profitable & Practical: Ideas For Making More $$$s
  • ​My 1-Page Marketing Plan
  • ​My Favorite Books: Broken Down By Category
Release Date: June 2019
  • How To Build A Personal Brand From 0 To 10k
  • ​Bioenergetics: How To Get A New Body (And Free Yourself Of All Your Bullshit)
  • ​How To Write Emotion Driven Ads w/ High CTRs
  • ​Lessons Learned From $50k Days 
Release Date: August 2019
  • The x Year Plan For Going From $0 To Rich
  • ​30-Days Of Self Improving And Money-Making
  • ​How To Manage Stress
  • ​New Habit Recommendation: Do This Twice A Week
  • ​My Weekly Review Template 
ISSUE #11 (Special FAQ Edition)
Release Date: September 2019
  • Why do some copywriters intentionally misspel words in their copy?
  • ​In your products you explain how to start being a freelance copywriter. But long term, what is the path to make sure that you don’t stagnate like any other low level freelancer?
  • ​If you were asked to give a college commencement address (say 10-20 minutes in duration), what would that talk look like?
  • ​Let’s say I think I am good with direct response. And I want to pitch a business. Which service in your opinion is the best to focus on as a newbie who is hungry to learn and improve his/her skills? Emails? Sales letters? Social media posts?
  • ​What are you doing to prepare for the incoming recession?
  • ​What is the cold email script to get your first copywriting client?
  • ​In a previous letter you gave us the blueprint to get to 100k. What would be the blueprint to 1 million?
  • ​You talked about removing your BS with bioenergetics in your issue a few weeks ago. I would really love to know how your program your mind to WIN (Confidence, money mindset, etc.) Your thoughts and experiences with meditation, affirmations, and visualizations would be sweet too
  • ​Why did you choose the agency route? Why not door to door sales or media buying?
  • ​What upgrades have you made to your personal office space to increase productivity and reduce distractions?
  • ​What upgrades have you made to your sleep environment and routine based on the data from your Oura ring?
  • ​How to work on gaining unshakable confidence in life and work/business?
  • ​Do you record your affirmations in your voice and hear them everyday or write them everyday or just repeat certain number of times?
  • ​When you’ve experienced the worst failures or setbacks, what was your process to get over it and move on?
  • ​What’s the best way to improve your close skills?
  • ​I took your course on how to write copy and is awesome, I learn so much and I did get a lot of confidence to write copy, but there is something that is stopping me to offer my services. English is my second language and because of that I don’t feel so confident. I’m scared to jump in a call with a business owner and for him to be disappointed of me when he listen to me speaking, you see he may think “why should I give this guy an opportunity to write my email or a sales letter if he does not know how to speak properly”, what will you suggest me to do in this case. I do practice English daily and my writing too, but I still don’t break this barrier. 
  • ​How would you take advantage of the upcoming recession as an entrepreneur? What opportunities would you look for?
  • ​Any advice on process/systems that have best helped you manage your teams? I’m currently managing a 20-person company I own a small piece of, while working to start a company of my own. I constantly end the day with way more on my to-do list than I started with, am struggling to effectively delegate the 80% of non-high leverage tasks while making sure they get done on time and correctly, and minimize distractions.
  • ​What’s your story?
  • ​The best things or secrets learned that mastering copywriting taught you about picking up chicks?
  • ​Mindset: What have you found is the single most effective way to change/reshape your mindset on any given topic?
  • ​While practicing copy, I always feel like: It can be improved further, every single time I rewrite it. The point is how to be confident enough that yes you’re providing enough value through work to get our of perfection syndrome?
  • ​What is the single biggest differentiator clients have noticed about you that “instantly sold” them on working with you, or what they love the most about you that they continue working with you?
  • ​How would you go about creating an info-product without having a personal brand or any social proof?
  • ​What are the best ways to maintain “flow state” for consecutive days, while not feeling like it’s a monotonous grind?
  • ​Do you think ego is an ally in the pursuit of happiness, or the only enemy one needs to get rid of in order to truly attain it?
  • ​How to position your business/agency/freelancing business in a market as the leader and not having to prospect for clients anymore?
  • ​What is your writing/compiling process for the Tej Dosa Letter?
  • ​What 30-day plan would you create to overcome business procrastination (i.e. the fear of creating businesses)?
  • ​Besides the usual “amazon reviews,” “Facebook groups,” etc. where do YOU usually go to find out more about your customer avatar?
  • ​How do you edit your copy?
  • ​How to be creative?
  • ​How do you choose which biz idea to pick and focus on when you have multiple ideas in your head? Is it profitability, is it easy to deliver, something else?
  • ​What’s the quickest biz model to get to $10k per month so I could quit my day job and focus on the biz?
  • ​How do you get people to sign up for your email list and open the emails consistently?
  • ​Can you share which other books help with yogi practice?
  • ​How to stick to one single thing in this world of shiny object syndrome? Because you’ve stuck to copywriting and not moved to dropshipping (so many Shopify screenshots are floating out there)
ISSUE #12 
Release Date: October 2019
  • How I’m Ending 2019: The 75-Day Program I’m Following To Build More Discipline, Get In Great Shape, Boost My Confidence And Build My Mental Toughness 
  • ​A Raw And Real Story For You 
  • ​Stack The Deck Of Life In Your Favor: How To Get Rich, Get Health, Get Happy (Highest ROI Levers You Can Push In Each Category)
  • ​How To Beat Social Anxiety And Become A World-Class Salesperson (Do This 3x A Day)
  • ​Old Journal Entry From Year 1 Of Starting My Marketing Agency
  • ​One Powerful Question For You… 
Release Date: November 2019
  • How To Build A $10k/Month (Profit) Social Media Marketing Agency Without Doing Any Of The Work
  • ​Waking Up: How To Self Actualize Yourself
  • ​The Reverse Manifestation Technique For Controlling Your Behavior AND Generating Crazy Results
Release Date: December 2019
  • How To Invest 5 Hours To Save 10+ Hours Every Week
  • ​Not Getting Dates And Not Making Money Have The Same Cause (How To Fix)
  • ​Truths Society Won’t Tell You (A List Of Things Every Person Who Wants To Live A Full Life Should Know And Remember)
  • ​Your Marketing Isn’t Generating Sales? How To Fix Conversions
  • ​Journaling Questions: Use These Questions To Mine The Gold Hidden Deep Inside You​
  • ​One Last Thing To End Off 2019
Release Date: January 2020
  • The Building Blocks Of Success
  • ​The 2020 Structure
  • ​90-Day Bursts (Goals & Actions)
  • ​90-Day Strong (Soft Skills)
  • ​90-Day Skill Building Plan (Hard Skills)
  • ​Daily Workflow (Building Yourself & Taking Action)
  • ​Rules & Guidelines
Release Date: February 2020
  • A-Z Business: How I Go From Nothing To Profitable Biz (My Personal Process For Launching Profitable New Ventures)
  • ​How To Increase Your Well Being By 1000% - Without Changing Anything Externally
  • ​Favorite Productivity Tactic From The Last 30 Days
Release Date: March 2020
  • The 6-Figure Sales ‘Rescue’ Follow Up Email
  • ​The Hardcore Growth Plan
  • ​How To Choose A Niche & Get Your First 3 Clients Organically 
Release Date: April 2020
  • [60 Minute 'Unlisted' Video] Quarantine Quarter: How To Prosper In Downfalls, Recessions, And Times Of Chaos
  • ​Private Journal Entries: Thoughts, Strategies, & Ideas That Took Me From $0 Days To $xx,xxx Days
  • ​My Personal Process: How I Turn Myself Into A Video Game Character & Collect Gold Coins (No Business Book... No Strategy... No Tactic... Is Better Than Doing This From My Experience)
  • ​How To Improve Your Work Environment
  • ​Full Access To My Private Swipe File
  • ​Recommendations: Little-Known Movies/Documentaries/Books That'll Help Shape You Into A Stronger Version Of Yourself
Release Date: May 2020
  •  Part 1: Keys To The Marketing Castle
  • ​Part 2: Application - Tearing Apart A 7-Figure Funnel
  • ​Part 3: Takeaways
Release Date: June 2020
  •  How I Used Science, Magic, Work Ethic, Kanye West, God & Extreme Discipline To Break Free Of The Matrix & Become Superhuman 
  • ​Mr. Beast Edition: How To Build Great Content, Offers & Brands (Understand This And You Can Turn Your Thoughts & Ideas Into Gold And Raving Customers)
  • ​(Practical): How To Write Copy For Every Awareness Level 
  • ​Life-Transforming Experiments I Conducted (And The Conclusions I Took Away)
  • ​Marketing Fundamental: All You Have To Do To Build A 6 & 7 Figure Business (Make This Your North Star And You'll Crush It)

TOTAL VALUE: $920 (Save $595)

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